Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Cheese Club.

What could be more fun that sitting on a London rooftop in the winter sun, eating cheese? Well, quite a lot of things I suppose, but it was fun yesterday lunchtime at Cheese Club.

We were testing cheeses from a Cheese Map of Great Britain, all bought from La Fromagerie. The clear winner of six cheeses with over half of the votes was Durrus, an Irish artisanal, rind washed, semi-soft farmhouse cheese made from raw cow's milk. Seriously good ish.

If you're not in a cheese club, start one or join one. It's a mega excuse to eat loads of cheese! For the Christmas Cheese Club it's a cheese-off of all the year's winners, with accompanying wine. Awesome! Thanks Alex, Zoe and Heather.


  1. ok so that's another addition to my 'list of things to do when back in Blighty'

    1 - find a job
    2 - find a flat
    3 - find a cheese club

    i miss good cheese :(

  2. oooooh cheese club! that sounds like my kind of club