Thursday, 15 October 2009

Vietnamese? Yes, please!

I'm feeling slightly annoyed at the moment. For years, I've been traipsing up Kingsland Road to eat Vietnamese food at the little cluster of restaurants there. And usually feeling pretty meh about the experience.

Turns out the best Vietnamese restaurant in London, which apparently chefs like Rick Stein and Mark Hix make the effort to travel to, is 30 seconds walk from my desk, on Old Street. My boss always goes on about Cây Tre, but I generally ignore him on matters of taste. I've just looked at the menu and read the reviews, though. And am mourning all the meals I've missed out on. Nevermind, I'll set about making amends. Anyone up for Vietnamese?

[Take a look at the menu. Crispy battered pangasius fish maws? Wicked crispy frog? Cognac 'luc lac' shaking beef fillet mignon? Oh, Mary!]


  1. I know someone not far from you who'd shake his tail for a wicked frog! Sounds yummy!

    Loving the blogski....I just saw the pics of les chats - adorable! Names names names please? O couldn't remember tsk tsk

    Happy thursday xxx

  2. Yum, yes please. Dave (I think) had the frogs legs in here once: very good, apparently.

    Whilst I am here, LOVED the Hell fair website, esp. the memories. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Tamski: I'm up for going any time! Kits are Hoops and Fred. We must get together and have a blog chat one day. I need to stop taking pics on my iPhone. So lazy. (also am working out dates for sunday lunch 'round ours with O.)

    Paddy: I'm up for going any time! Haha. The menu looks amazing, I am so annoyed I've been going to those grossholes up Kingsland Road. Loved the Hull Fair website too, have set a reminder to book a trip to go next year! Come!

  4. I've been taken to two apparently great vietnamese restaurents on Kingsland road recently and I never know what the fuss is about. Let me tell you, none compare with the juicy, zingy freshness of WEST LAKE on deptford high street. man, it's amazing and still really reasonable. Happily back to its former excellence after new management.

    Ok, while I'm at it here's a roster of other new local delights, like the CTpocket bookshop, Deptford project train cafe, Gallop cafe, and SE8 gallery, all a few paces from each other. And still a very tolerable hipster/human ratio. Ok, soap box moment over!


  5. I bet if you did make it to Hull fair and popped into one of those fortune teller's caravans they'd predict another meal out extravaganza with the Greens coming up ...

  6. Haha! The hipster/human ratio is all important.

    Those places all sound lovely, I need a day trip to Deptford. Janine needs to start writing the south London blog, I'm a staunch northerner. I did go to Earlsfield recently and love it, though. There was an amazing Korean place there. I have been meaning to post about it, it were that good.

    Cheers Barry!

  7. Oh and Barry - yeah - never again am I going down the Kingsland road for Vietnamese. I feel as though a weight has been lifted.

    Liz - meal out extravaganzas? Are their plans afoot that I don't know of?