Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tasty twitter temptations.

London is catching on to the New York phenomenon of food carts twittering about the delicious treats they're selling for the day. The Albion is testing my willpower to the max. They posted these gingerbread men up yesterday. Evil. I estimate I can get from my desk to their till in eight minutes. Also, The Modern Pantry are annoying me, putting such filth as American pumpkin pie tartlets, hot fudge sauce, brownies and Lyle's Golden syrup toffees in my tweet list. I could definitely get there and back on my bike in my lunch hour. And St John are at it, torturing me with talk of roast chicken, sweetcorn and aioli...

I just wish I was strong enough to unfollow.  @AlbionsOven  @SJRestaurant @TheModernPantry

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