Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Of Dreams and Cities.

I'm drooling over this season of films at the National Film Theatre. 'A delicious array of architectural treats, offered in celebration of the RIBA's 175th year, looks at architects, architecture, cities and therefore me and you: the real, the imagined, the oblique, the dream and, sometimes, the nightmare.'

I'd happily watch them all. I've seen LA Plays Itself before but might go and see it again. For a film fan who loves LA it is porn-like to watch; a documentary showing hundreds of clips of films and filming in LA. Michaelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisse also looks great, and Manhatta. 'The poetry of everyday life in New York City of 1921'. Yes, please.


  1. OK, my picks:
    • Sketches of Frank Gehry + Manhatta
    • Playtime
    • Of Time and the City + Proud City: A Plan for London
    • Model Shop
    • A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curbitiba, Brazil + Twelve Views of Kensal House

    And I really really want to see LA Plays itself but my sister is down that weekend....

  2. They seriously all look great, don't they?

    I wish I was independently wealthy and could just hang out on the south bank watching them all and having long lunches...

    Erm, anyway. LA Plays Itself is awesome but very, very long. It might be out on DVD, actually.

    And well done on your newly commenting self, Janine!

  3. I sigh. Oxford and a baby = bad combination for film-going.

  4. you scared me into commenting

  5. I wouldn't really have hurt you.

  6. I have a copy of LA Plays Itself on VHS. Been promising to lend it to Paddy since about 1932.

    Funny how mainstream the psychogeography thing is now...

  7. My Architect, about Louis Kahn, is another great film in this vein.

    Out of this lot, I'd like to see Model Shop and Sunrise (disgracefully, I've never seen the last).