Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My favourite veg-e-tables.

When I take my vegetables out of the fridge to wash them, I like to imagine them cheering. Like, they're all happy that it's their turn to get cooked. It encourages me to actually use them up. Does that make me mental? Anyway, my next Abel and Cole delivery is tomorrow, and I'm taking advantage of their buy four vegetable boxes in a row and get £50 credit promotion, so tonight I'm chopping vegetables. It's an especially good deal for me, because I buy the boxes anyway. It's basically the only way I can get fresh vegetables into my house when I'm really busy during the week. You can use the code up until the 10th October.

[Abel and Cole seriously are good, I use them for all my other shopping as well. Milk, cheese, cider, pies - they've got it all going on. Not that these are the staples of my diet, you understand. Oh, nevermind.]

[Abel and Cole food box picture with thanks from www.foodconfessional.wordpress.com]


  1. It makes you just the right side of mental.

    I use to get my box delivered to my sister's house but now she's gone and moved I don't think the box would be safe in my hood.

    Damn I miss them curious veggies.

  2. Oh, bummer. Could you not give the friendly hippies a key to that back door and they leave it on your doorstep? Ours actually comes at about 7:30am on Wednesdays, we're not that far from you, maybe it would be a similar time. I bet if you called them they'd tell you...

    Not that I'm obsessed or anything...

    Yeah, curious vegetables indeed. I have to use google from time to time to work out wtf they are.