Monday, 26 October 2009

Major shoe envy.

These are my work buddy Lauren's new shoes. She'd been banging on about whether to get them for about two weeks. (I think I might've put her off by saying they were ugly). Well, I was wrong. In person, they're AWESOME! Patent Dr Martens with a chunky medium-high heel. All cute and curvy and perfect for wearing with tights and short dresses. I want. You can buy them here.

[Lauren's my gym going buddy. Except now instead of going to the gym on my lunch hour I blog. Blogging is making me fat!]


  1. I'm with your original comment. Maybe you need to see them in the leather...

  2. i'm not going to lie to you cazza - i'm struggling to see the beauty.

    and yet i trust your judgement ERGO i can only assume the pic doesn't do them justice and i have to see them in 'real life'


  3. Don't listen to them Lauren. We know the awesomeness.

    *remembers never to blog about friends' shoes again!*

  4. Oh and yeah - the pic is a bit shit. You can't see the shiny.