Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lost New York City.

I love this blog. This guy is making it his project to track and rail against every change to his favourite menus, bars, buildings and areas of New York. And good on him! If you read my feeble rant against the further hipsterisation of East London a couple of weeks ago, you will know I'm one of those grumpy people that doesn't like it when cities change. This is a picture I took in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn last time I was there of a shopfront that was giving off an eerie, bygone vibe.

This post about an ancient pharmacy selling off its old stock is a particular nugget. But there are more informative, complete guides to areas that even an occasional visitor to New York will recognise.


  1. But that's what cities do: change.

    That's the conclusion I've come to, reluctantly.

    Like the blog name, by the way.

  2. Very true dude. I basically just hate the fact I'm getting older.

    I walked past Ponti's on Liverpool Street today. At least some things never change.

    Thanks re. the name! Couldn't settle on anything and thought that would do, I just need a redesign, point my custom domain at it and have a global launch now.