Friday, 9 October 2009

In bed with Andy Warhol.

There's an hour long show on Radio 4 about Andy Warhol tomorrow: David Bailey interviewing him in bed in 1979, and Jerry Hall and Bailey talking about the time they spent with him.

I'm interested to hear it, because I have spent the last year, on and off, reading Warhol's diaries. They're 800 pages long – which is why it is taking me so long –  but they're a really compelling read, a snapshot of the most rich and glamorous social strata in New York at that time. (They cover the early 1970s up to the mid-1980s.)

I'm especially interested to hear what Jerry Hall has to say about Warhol, because he didn't really have anything nice to say about her in his diaries. And how funny is the picture above: it's as if Jerry and Bianca are partying out and saying, 'We rich now!'

Archive On 4 – When Bailey Met Warhol
Saturday 10 October, 8.00-9.00pm, BBC Radio 4

[Sorry couldn't find who took this photo. Apologies!]

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