Tuesday, 13 October 2009

He really is Alan Partridge.

So, I can report that Armando Iannucci was hilarious last night. He was doing a Q+A at the Roundhouse, and reading excerpts from his new book. The excerpts were literally laugh-until-you-cry funny. And he would answer questions with long, hilarious rambling anecdotes, lapsing into Alan Partridge (who he invented and wrote! I forgot!), or doing an impression of Pope John Paul II singing Julie Andrews songs. Seriously funny. And I'm not the sort of person who likes live comedy, thinking it's vaguely the domain of drama students and people who are sort of annoying in a way I can't put my finger on.

So, I'd definitely recommend seeing his film In The Loop (hilarious), watching In The Thick of It (new series out soon - hilarious) or buying his book (seemed hilarious last night). And he twitters too – @Alanucci. Makes you feel like a bit of a loser, really, all the good shit he does. Or inspired. Yes, that's the way to look at it. *Tries to write some jokes and fails*

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  1. so how can you like him so much but refuse to watch partridge? will allways be his finest work.