Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Grandma's jewellery box.

When I visited my Grandma as a child, the first thing I did – after running into the kitchen to steal the crackling from the roast pork – was run up to her bedroom and play with her jewellery box. Whenever I open it I feel as though I'm six again. Except now I can wear everything in it: I also inherited Grandma's exact taste. My mother usually says, 'You're not wearing that are you?' whenever I wear something from the box, but mainly when I wear the awesome jade pendant with a gold horse. (Shown bottom left with some of the other treasures from within.)
When I inherited the box I hadn't rifled through it properly for years. There were earrings in there that I owned exact matches of. They must've etched themselves on my psyche, and I bought them years later. Bottom middle is an old English penny, nestling in there amid the hatpins and mother-of-pearl handled knitting hooks. I might copy my friend Alexia, polish up the penny and put it on a long antique chain. Thanks for the awesome jewellery and memories, Grandma.


  1. Aaaaah! Yes I must admit the main attraction of the jewellery box for me was the dancing ballerina - that jade horse is really awful. Thankfully somebody loves it. You inherited her cooking skills too - unfortunately all I got was her love of naff game shows.

  2. that is a beauitful jewellery box :)

  3. Thanks Caroline. (Another one!) I absolutely love it. :)