Monday, 12 October 2009

Crazy cat lady.

This morning I had the kind of morning I expect new mothers have when they're trying to leave the house. I was so busy ensuring there was nothing for the kittens to skewer themselves on and that they had somewhere super-cosy to sit (in the end I left my duvet on the floor, the ultimate motherly sacrifice), that along with my red plaid coat and brown patent leather and suede bag, I decided that black brogues would be perfect. I looked like Annie Hall on crack.

Luckily my favourite shoes were stashed under my desk when I got in. They have a gorgeous stacked heel, and are massively comfortable. They are by Frye, and I bought them on sale in Urban Outfitters in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn. They were $30 down from about $200 and I really regret not buying another pair!

(Actually, under my desk are also some brown Minnetonka ankle boots and some gold Birkenstocks. I evidently change my mind frequently on such matters, kittens or no kittens.)

PS: I love that we're allowed to wear baggy, rolled up jeans now. I used to hate putting my skinny jeans on on Monday mornings and realising that they'd grown tighter, just over the weekend.

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