Friday, 2 October 2009

And breathe...

It's the weekend, dudes. Thank goodness. It has been a week of glorious sunsets and people seeming to be slightly grumpy. I just have to get through a summit meeting at work this morning (it's either pay rise or P45) and then it's a weekend of fun, fun, fun. I'm going to meet a cat called Jam. And we're going for dinner at Moro. (With some friends, not with the cat.) I can still remember a cold crab soup I had there about ten years ago, and I'm hoping for a re-run. Have yourselves a long lunch hour and a lovely weekend, people.


  1. Is this the place to mention the time Woody Allen sat at the table next to me in Moro's? Yes? That's good.

    It was very loud in there so I couldn't eavesdrop on him and Soon-Yi alas, but they ordered the gazpacho, fact-fans.

  2. I once saw Ken Stott in there.

    But I think Woody Allen beats that.

  3. I may never forgive you for that celeb spot, Oliver.