Friday, 25 September 2009

Young House Love.

If you can get past the cutesy way in which it is written, the Young House Love blog is a great source for inspiration if you have DIY block. (Which I always do.) Looking at what these two have achieved with their home makes it look easy. Look at their before and afters here. It makes the big things we need to do seem absolutely tiny in comparison. (New kitchen floor, extend and repave the seating area in the garden – I cannot use the word patio, I am afraid – paint the front door. And, from where I'm sitting, one of the lightbulbs in the living room needs changing. James, are you READING THIS?)

And if you've got time to kill, look at how they did their wedding all by themselves, in their back garden. Although I have to question how they did wine for 75 guests on $100 dollars. That just would not fly in the UK.
[Image taken from Young House Love, with thanks.]


  1. Oliver James Scott-Radmore25 September 2009 at 13:11

    A hundred clams on wine (and drinks)?

    No comment.

  2. That wouldn't be enough to cater for your needs alone.

  3. Just thought I'd fill you in on those two.

    They are sponsored bloggers and companies pay them money to do many of those projects. The both used to work in the advertising world and now the wife stays home to relentlessly promote the blog. Obviously, she'd done a great job. So great that their old blog name, This Young House, had to be abandoned because the company behind a TV show that has been on for decades called This Old House sent them a cease and desist order. They claim the name of their blog wasn't related to the show, but I think most educated people saw the connection immediately. The "This Old House" show has been an institution on public TV here.

    Anyway, in the first year or so of their blog, a lot of content was stolen from a home decorating message board, but they are now their own little machine. The recently started a blog written from the viewpoint of their dog.

    They have a HUGE crowd of followers, but there are many bloggers that roll their eyes at their over the top sweetness.