Sunday, 13 September 2009

Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning...

I saw The September Issue yesterday, from my five films for fall list. Anna Wintour did a great job at coming across as a deranged bitch who takes herself far too seriously. I found the way she speaks to the talent particularly odious: in one cringey scene with Stefano Pilati of YSL she stony-faces him for not using enough colour in his collections. Whatever, bitch! But when she's with advertisers she practically sits on their knee and licks their faces.

One thing that struck me about the film was how unhappy the editors looked. In particular, Sally Singer, the Features Director, looked as though she was in need of some serious pills and therapy. I've just found these amazing pictures of her home in the Chelsea Hotel, though. I'm suddenly not feeling sorry for her anymore.

And I didn't realise she was married to Joseph O'Neill. His novel of last year Netherland gives a great account of life in the Chelsea. But the last I heard was that new management were putting up rents and rates and pushing out the artists and characters that made the place what it is.

Read an interview with Joseph O'Neill about life in the Chelsea here. Pictures with thanks from The Selby.

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