Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thank goodness for Carole King.

Yesterday was one of those days at work. And the allure of the change of the season has gone now that the season has, well, changed. So I thanked my lucky starts when Carole King popped onto my Spotify yesterday to cheer me up. Listen and love. (Carole pictured with Paul Simon and Gerry Goffin. She reminds me of Peggy from Mad Men in this picture!)

Carole King – Sweet Seasons


  1. Oh she cheers me up something. My favourite Neil Sedaka factoid being that Oh Carol was all about their love...swoon..

    Apart from all the other beautiful girls are we going to see evidence of your fringeroonie?


  2. I didn't get a fringe! I've just grown mine out for the first time in ten years. Although unfortunately it has coincided with my first forehead wrinkles, so maybe next time. x