Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Sicily is stunning. The perfect place to get away from London. Three hours on the plane and within an hour I was floating under the stars, surrounded by bushes covered in limes and frangipani blossoms. For somebody who usually relaxes by visiting cities this is all a bit a revelation. Next stop: the Aeolian Islands. Things might get even more chilled there.

[The old guy who rocked up to the café on this bike was wearing only tiny shorts that he didn't really have the figure for and a huge handlebar moustache. He took great pains to show me that his bike was Swiss. I wish I'd got a picture of him on it.]


  1. So glad Sicily is living up to expectations. We were teetering upon Sicily this summer so if it continues to impress then it will be a definite next year. Continue enjoying xx

  2. are you still there? you'll be please to know it's raining here...

    can you hurry up and come up with a blog name please - i had to refer to you as 'as yet unnamed' on my blog roll ;)

  3. That pic looks orchestratedly styled...shame about the Mr in his briefs, that would have started my week off well nicely.

    Come over with that sweet and salty cake next week?


  4. It's great Ma. It's a bit unpolished for want of a better word - not sure if you'd be better sticking to Sorrento.

    I know Kezza. It's absolute lameosity. But want it to be right! I'll let you know! Thanks for blogrolling me; I'll return the favour when I'm not absolutely starving and about to dash out for proppa pizza.

    T - this dude was amazing. I'm cursing my camera for not being able to do justice to the sights I'm seeing! Deffo on the S+S - I'll check my diary when I come to terms with the fact I'm not on holiday anymore!