Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Retirement of a party girl.

Just before the sun came up on Sunday I got home after a very busy Saturday. Up early – I did the Great East Swim, my time was 40 minutes – I went for a Korean barbecue feast, and then on to a party for some friends who are going away for six months. It was a great party, lots of dancing, lots of great music, lots of wine. I then proceeded to wake up at midday on Sunday, nap in the garden, nap in bed and get up again at 6pm. I wasn't able to string a coherent thought together in my tiny brain, or do anything remotely taxing. We had Domino's pizza for tea.

Cycling to work yesterday in a dream-like state, the sad realisation hit: my days as a party girl are officially over. I danced my way through university and my twenties, and as I stared brainlessly at the sky on Sunday during the garden part of my nap, I thought hopelessly of the million things I wanted to do. (Paint my front door, a ton of personal admin, venture out into the beautifully sunny day and DO something.) In short, I can't go out all night dancing like I used to. I have used up all my party tokens.

I've been facing this reality for a couple of years now, as I slid into partying semi-retirement. I moved house, from party central (east London) to the more sedate north London. I had a bit of a difficult transition period, when I realised popping out for a few drinks and a dance here and there wasn't as easy now that I couldn't walk home. And owning a flat doesn't help. I have an ongoing list of things I want to do around the house.

I have to face facts that I am now fully retired from the party. Although I will still be making special appearances on the circuit. Please stay in touch with me party friends. Just because I am unable to dance all night any longer, do not forsake me.

Here's an amazing tune that was played by my friend Dayo on Saturday. Love the bored voice the guy who sings this has. Bored voices in songs are my favourite. And the photo above is of the customary balloons at legendary party The Loft. Read about it here. Mind you, I'm listening to Mainline now and getting the urge to go out dancing. Hopeless. Is there a Disco Dancers Anonymous?

Mainline – Black Ivory


  1. haha

    that made me laugh cazza

    and also empathize

    which is worrying

    maybe my days are numbered too?


  2. Nah. The spaggy twizzle will never be retired.

    That photo is from the first Loft party we went to at the Light Bar.

  3. awesome post.... - Saturday was a great night out and will prompt anyone coming out of retirement..

    Schumacher, Kim Clisters, Lance Armstrong...

    its working for them - why not you?