Sunday, 20 September 2009

In the swim.

I took myself down to Hampstead Ladies Pond for a swim today. I had to do a mile, and try to do it in a reasonable time. Next Saturday I'm doing the Great East Swim with a couple of buddies, which is a mile in open water. Timed. So, I need to do okay, just so I don't feel like a complete loser. (Oh, on that note: I came LAST in the singles bit of the table tennis tournament on Friday. FIRST in the doubles though. Shout out to Tyrone, my doubles partner.)

So anyway, yeah, to the pond I went today. Last Saturday I did the same swim and did it in 27 minutes. Today it appeared to take me 45 minutes. Which I couldn't really understand. I'm wondering whether it was the pain au chocolat I had for breakfast. I did feel a bit sick. And then there was the lady who stopped me to show me the kingfishers on the pond. I mean, that's nice love, but I'm timing mesen here...

Anyway, I was feeling lazy, but the pond was beautiful today. So hauling butt down there... it ain't no thing. If you're in London and haven't been – GO. If you have been, go again soon!

Wish me luck for the race next week!

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