Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hair. A serious business.

Let me tell you, as a Seinfeld fan, if your hairdresser casually mentions that he once did Elaine's's a  moment. And then, as a Donald Draper obsessive admirer, when your hairdresser's doing your hair and he's all like, 'yeah, I'll do it your way but I'd like to do it like the girl Don Draper went to LA with in Mad Men', you're like, this is unbelievable.

So yeah. I found a really good hairdresser. I put a plea on my Facebook status, that a friend might be able to guide me towards someone who won't give me a Rachel cut. Because my usual hairdresser kept giving me them. I haven't been for eight months, such has become my fear. Anyway, three friends said they went to the same place. And two of them go to Andy. And I, reader, heartily recommend you do the same. Like, straight away.

I mean check out these lovelies. You'd want to go to their hairdresser too, right? Check out this fringe!

This is a total wimp-out on my behalf, because I'm not even going to post a picture of my new do. Haha! Bloggers' rights.

Go to Andrew or Laura at Viva (Andrew did Elaine's hair and that fringe) – 47 Lexington Street, London. 020 7287 8708. They're reasonably priced, too.

[Thanks for letting me post your pics, gorgeous ladies. Check out The Fringe's amazing mosaic work. I used to work with Lucy and she seriously has the best hair ever. Never ask her about what she saw an alsation do to a sheep, though. And Kerry: DJ and soon-to-be traveller – read her blog about her travels.]



    I'm seeing Andy next Tues for my last cut before heading off to the wilds of South America where I have convinced myself they don't have scissors so I will HAVE to grow my fringe out.

    I land back in Blighty on Sunday April 3rd.

    I'm booking an appointment with Andy for 10am Monday April 4th.

  2. Hehe! Well hopefully I will see you tomoz or next Friday before you go for a do inspection!