Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Five films for fall. (Sorry, autumn doesn't start with F.)

Autumn is the perfect time for cosying up in the cinema. Today, the line-up for The Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival is being announced, to take place in October. Until then, there are so many new films that I want to watch. Here are my top five at the moment.

Whatever Works
I nearly fell to my knees and kissed the skanky sidewalk when I saw the New York magazine cover featuring this film (excellent article here). Larry David directed by Woody Allen. No release date for the UK yet. But I saw an ad for its Italian release whilst I was over there. Maybe they will show it at the festival. I will watch it soon by hook or by crook. Bloody hell. Can't wait.

Broken Embraces
Almodóvar never fails. I love his crazy women and how his films look. He's almost too good, now.

Julie & Julia

My fabulous mother and I read this book yonks ago. It was a bit pap. But I love Nora Ephron, I love Brooklyn and I love food. I can't wait to see it.

The September Issue
A film about putting together the giant September doorstop issue of US Vogue. For me, absolute porn. Like a real life The Devil Wears Prada. Ooh!

Synecdoche New York
Old news this one, really. I've wanted to see it for months but never got around to it. Written and directed by Charlie Kaufman and starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. What's not to love? I think it's still on in London somewhere...

All but one of them are New York based. And films set in NYC give me that cosy autumn feel. Yum. I'll report back when I've seen them all.

[Have you noticed how the date is 9/9/9 today? Blimey. I'm cycling everywhere and keeping my helmet on all day.]


  1. Broken Embraces definitely shows weird signs of Almodovar in decline; Synecdoche is a deranged masterpiece, though.

  2. Ooh, you made me notice I left the c out of Synecdoche.

    Really looking forward to Broken Embraces, interesting about Almodovar. The last couple of his have been ridiculously slick.

  3. I watched Volver a bit after Embraces, actually; it's much better. Just thought BE was a bit uncertain tone-wise, somewhere between high tragedy and satire. I always think it's a bad sign when film-makers start making films about film-making, especially late-career ones.

    Though, ironically, Synecdoche is exactly that - just much more wild and interesting.

  4. I thought Volver was amazing, but Bad Education was a masterpiece.

    Women on the Verge.. is still my favourite, though.

  5. Now that I am retired and able to stay up late I managed to watch Woody Allen's "Matchpoint" the other night. I really enjoyed it and the heroine still reminds me of you. Am going to have to buy a copy because I think this is one Woody film that Mike might be able to stay awake through. Was this the Woody film that you didn't like?

  6. Yeah, that's the one I didn't like. She's a wrung out alcoholic mess, the heroine!

  7. Naturally I meant her looks and not her personality!

  8. Ah, through the eyes of the mother. (Although she looks all skanky and greasy in that film!) But thanks anyway. x

  9. Julie and Julia. wasnt sure about it but really enjoyed it..... - good call!