Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Coren blimey.

I love, love, love Victoria Coren. Her column is the best thing about the Observer. Well, maybe tied with Armando Iannuci's column. But anyway, she is gorgeous, fabulous, clever and hilarious. And this week she has a book out, a memoir about when she won a million dollars in a poker tournament. Did I mention she is beyond cool as well?

(I'm pointedly ignoring the fact that her brother is writer and critic Giles Coren as I think he's a bit of a cock. Her father Alan Coren was a total dude though.)

Here is a link to some of her columns, if you haven't read them. This one in particular I remember reading and laughing out loud. The bit about Britney and the flu jab. I probably won't buy her book but the excerpt in the Observer this week was very good.

You can follow her on twitter @VictoriaCoren

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