Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Channelling Garance.

So, I've mentioned my girl crush on Garance Doré and I mentioned I did a little shopping trip to Beyond Retro yesterday lunchtime. Well, reading her blog made me jones a few things. Specifically:

Leather skirt
I've never really wanted to wear leather in garment form before. But Garance was obsessed with a certain leather skirt from Zara, and so then was I. I had a little look in Beyond Retro, but to be honest, I was getting a sex crime vibe from the second-hand leather skirts there. So I left it. Maybe I'll see if Zara has got any of Garance's favourite minis left.

Plaid shirts
I've been jonesing these for a while. G (as I will now call her, as I pretend she is my new BFF) loves the big shirt with little (or no) skirt look, with heels. And so, now, do I. Merci, G. (I've been wanting some plaid shirts to tie in with my nineties indie revival for a while now anyway.) I got a great one to wear with my American Apparel tube skirt. (Tube pronounced 'toob' in this usage.)

Camel coat
Again another one that has been on the list for a while. Preferably one like Ali McGraw's in Love Story. But this shit don't come cheap. And I have no money for now. Beyond Retro didn't sort me out with a classic Jaegar or MaxMara coat, funnily enough, so for now I'll hope it stays sunny for a while longer. Until I can save the necessary six hundred or so pounds.

This picture doesn't really show the coat at all. But it is just so cute.

[Beyond Retro is the best, best vintage shop in London. It's huge, the stock's good, and it is SO CHEAP. There are some really lovely vintage coats in good condition in there at the moment, from £35 – £45. I always check there first if I need to buy boots or coats or other big purchases because they have such seriously good stuff in great condition. 110 – 112 Cheshire St, London, E2 6EJ.]

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