Friday, 18 September 2009

'Can you see what it is yet?'

Here are a few snaps I took out and about this week. 

Reason number 8798 that I love to cycle: you get to see rainbows instead of suffer smelly people on the tube.

The sewing machine shop in Tufnell Park. It was throwing down rain when I took this. But doesn't it look cosy? I have no idea how it stays open. But the man who owns it is very nice, and fixed my leather bag for me once and refused payment.

Rolf Harris painting a billboard on Old Street. He didn't ask if we could see what it was yet. But he looks just the same as he did when I last paid attention to him. (c1987.) Thank god some things never change.

Have a good weekend – it's my table tennis tournament tonight and I've only done three hours practice. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail: I'm going to get spanked.

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  1. whens my bike coming? awesome.. live rolf on the way to work!!