Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The art of tea.

I've been ignoring the tea section of our hot drinks cupboard – this is how we grandly refer to a scruffy corner of one cupboard – in part due to a horrific accident which saw off my favourite teapot and its matching milk jug, and in part because it has been the season that we Brits still laughably refer to as summer.

But I'm back off the alcohol again. And the weather's horrible. So, I dug my second favourite teapot out, opened the hot drinks cupboard and surveyed my selection of teas. I have:

–White tea with pomegranate
–Some night-time sleepy tea thing
–Lemon & Ginger

I'm sure these are pretty unsophisticated choices in the grand scheme of tea. Any suggestions for where I should start to up my tea game? Preferably with as little caffeine as possible. And I don't like earl grey, it tastes of soap. Thanks.

Forest Fire – Led Bib [From their album Sizewell Tea. See what I did there? This lot are up for the Mercury Prize tonight. It would be nice if they get it, but it's highly unlikely.] 


  1. Mixing my dear, Lapsang and the greyster is really rather good, you shouldn't dismiss a soapy mix, once smoked up it's tasty, trust the tamster.

    Hope your hols were good - looks like it xxxe

  2. I'm off caffeine and booze too just now, and I've become rather partial to Red Bush tea.

    If you screw your nose up it smells a bit like proper tea (I'm with you on earl grey - yuk).

    Also it makes me laugh cause I always think it sounds like I am trying to match collars and cuffs.

  3. Thanks ladies.

    Thanks Tammo, for you I'll try out the deadly soap mix.

    And yes, I've been addicted to Red Bush tea before Liz. It's quite addictive, isn't it? Maybe I'll get some more of that. It's bloody tedious eliminating stimulants, n'est ce pas? (sp.)