Thursday, 27 August 2009

A table tennis tourney / fight to the death.

My workplace is holding a table tennis tournament.

This is something I need to win. Or at least do quite well at.

I work for a design agency that was founded by a group of men. Very manly men who love success, fast cars and beating each other at stuff. So it's a point of honour for me to do well at this tournament.

I've discovered a local bar in Shoreditch that has a table. Also, the awesome but seriously annoying to book Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre is nearby. And I've arranged my holiday to Sicily next week around availability of nearby ping pong tables. (It's possible that I'm taking it a bit too seriously.)

The tourney is on the 18th September. Let me know if you fancy a serious practice knockabout one night.

[Tables shown from a park in Berlin. The Germans sensibly take table tennis much more seriously than we Brits do.]


  1. I know this may surprise you but table tennis is one of my hidden talents. So if you fancy getting some practice in give me a shout.

  2. Ah, splendid. I'll be in touch on return from me jollies.