Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A sweet concrete treat

Buying a property swallows up so much money. In my case, it's mainly because as soon as I've finished one project (buying a piano, soundproofing a ceiling, fixing a wall) and thinking right, that's it for a while, I come up with the next thing I can't wait to do.

This time it's painting and finishing our concrete floors.

We have carpet over concrete throughout our flat. We put in carpet mainly for speed when we were moving in; we only had a couple of days to take out the old carpet, clean up, and lay new flooring. Of course, we went down the cream carpet route, just to annoy ourselves. And whilst it still looks nice, I've been wanting to replace it ever since.

As it's concrete underneath, I've often wondered if it was possible to finish and paint directly onto the concrete in some way.

It turns out it is possible! You: fill in any cracks with filler, coat the floor with UPVA, paint the desired colour, and then finish with an epoxy coating. (This technique gives a more polished look; really, you can just paint the concrete directly, but if I'm doing it I'd rather do it properly this time, and then leave it for the next ten years!)

If James (the other half) is reading this, he probably has his head in his hands right now. Don't worry J. We'll just do the kitchen first, we both hate the lino (another rush purchase before we moved in) and it seems like the perfect floor finish for a kitchen.

Yay! Another new expensive, messy project! Here are some photos of it lookin' good to inspire us.

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  1. Those floors look fantastic. I love floors made from "industrial" materials - I saw fabulous RUBBER floors in World of Interiors a few years ago.

    The house we were staying in when we were in Italy last week had concrete floors painted red in the kitchen. Not as glam as the pictures you've posted here, but cheap, simple & very attractive.