Friday, 28 August 2009

Spector and Cohen: another tale of two dudes.

I've tried and tried to listen to Leonard Cohen and always just given up. His work is poetry, not music. And I'm not really into listening to poetry recited in a droning voice. Like, Bob Dylan is a poet with a strange voice but I can happily listen to him because he has awesome backing music, like The Band. Cohen's music is not...engaging, to me.

However, at the urging of a pal – shout out to PG – I finally got around to listening to the album Cohen made with Phil Spector, Death of a Ladies Man. And it's brilliant. I picture Cohen and Spector spending long nights in the studio being bawdy, getting loaded and playing with guns, probably. Apparently Spector pointed a crossbow at Cohen during the sessions. And they fell out spectacularly, in classic Spector style.

The production has the same feel as the solo stuff Spector produced for John Lennon. Despite being recorded in LA, for me it conjures up a seventies New York vibe. Which in my book is a very, very good thing.

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  1. Yeah! I completely agree: wot a great album. The only bad thing is his smarmy face on the sleeve, and how it sullies mrs cohen's superlative bone structure. And some dodgy lyrics, even by LC's standards. Still, his best work!