Monday, 17 August 2009

Soda, milkshakes and fruity drinks

So, after a few fun but boozy days recently – a leaving do, a wedding, a day at the seaside drinking prosecco whilst bobbing in a rubber ring – I have decided not to drink for the next two weeks. (Two weeks of not drinking is a big deal to me, in case it sounds none too dramatic to you.)

I initially decided on a month of abstinence, but was reminded that I'm going to Sicily for a week's holiday in a fortnight where there will be many fine wines crying out to be sampled. So two weeks it is.

I'm actually looking forward to not having any hangovers, spending less money and hopefully losing some weight, having improved skin, and generally looking a few years younger.*

I'm planning on treating myself to icecreamy milkshakes from The Diner and a trip to one of the middle-eastern restaurants on Edgware Road, where they sell drinks that are so fruity they're basically fruit salad with a blob of cream on top.

I won't be going without.

Let's see if I stick to it.

*Well, a girl's gotta dream.

[Here are some photos of the wedding I went to. It was in a 16th century ferryman's inn in the Yorkshire Dales and there were morris dancers.]

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