Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Keeping it short and sweet.

It feels autumnal this evening and as autumn comes around I start to think about baking. I always make a pumpkin pie at this time of year because you can't buy it over here and I have to satisfy the craving at least a couple of times every twelve months.

But this year I also get to try out my new Baked cookbook. Baked is a cake shop in Brooklyn. At a friend's wedding in May they had four or five Baked cakes to choose from. I went for the Sweet & Salty and it was insane. I was keen to get in on the salty/sweet craze that has been sweeping America and which hasn't hit the UK in such a big way yet. Apparently salted caramels are Obama's favourite sweet, and after obsessively hunting them down I have to say that I'm liking his style. In London you can get them at Montezuma'sAmerican Idol is the name of the chocolate.

Anyway, I went to find Baked the day after the wedding to get one of their cookbooks. And have some more cake. I'm definitely going to make the Sweet & Salty, and maybe the Malted (pictured above). Have a look at their list of cakes here. You can buy the cookbook on Amazon if you feel a bit crazed after looking.

[Image used with thanks to Baked.]


  1. As a well known chocolate connoisseur I still think that Obama's favourite chocolates taste much like Cadbury's Caramel - though perhaps my palate has been ruined by too much trashy chocolate.
    That cake looks amazing and I'm sure that you will be able to make it to perfection in time for Mike's 60th.

  2. OMG sweet and salty give give give recipe please. Have you ever tried that Nigella's courgette creation...? I will post it to you later.


    Did you think of a name?I mooted 'I've been inclined" to O last night but he says you've come up with one?

  3. Ma - I found the chocolate I'd bought for you, which I'd accused James of eating, in the fridge. There's another big block of salty chocolate. I'll keep it for you despite your heathen words.

    Tammo - I'll get the recipe over to you. It was bloody amaze, I think you'd love the book actually... I do have that Nigella recipe, I think in her Domestic Goddess book? How To Eat is one of my fave cookbooks I think. (Not so keen on the later gaudy ones.)

    I did think of a name but still not sure !!