Friday, 21 August 2009

Jazzy violin shred at the Proms.

I went along to the Proms earlier this week and saw a performance of Bartók's Violin Concerto No. 2. Bartók is quite jazzy really, very modal. The soloist absolutely shredded it. The first 16 bars of this piece are crying out to be sampled.

[You can listen to the actual perfomance I saw here. Prom 44.]

Tonight I'm seeing Daniel Barenboim conduct his son on violin with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra playing Mendelssohn. The orchestra is made up of young musicians from across the Middle East in an effort to bring about unity through music and Dazza Bazza is obviously a legend. Should be good.

Hurrah for the Proms. On Tuesday we had seats in the choir facing out to all the Prommers. It's such a brilliant tradition and another reason to add to the list of why London is definitely the best city in the world.


  1. Edward Said's relative on piano too. Can't wait. Shame we're not in the choir this time...Loving your blog, btw. Especially Harry Roy. Oh and I LOVE those chairs.

  2. gah! don't mention the chairs, musnt't buy mustn't buy mustn't buy...

    thanks honey! can't wait 'til later.