Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Harry Roy né Lipman

I decided to do a bit of family research recently. We've carelessly lost touch with my father's entire side of the family you see, so I called my fabulous mother to ask what she could remember. She said my father had uncles called Harry and Sid Lipman. A google search later and look what I found:

Harry Roy, born Harry Lipman (January 12, 1900, Stamford Hill, London – February 1, 1971, London) was a British dance band leader and clarinetist from the 1920s until the 1960s. Harry and his brother Syd formed a band which they called The Darnswells... [Read the rest here.]

Same part of London, same era, same name. And my father was a musician. I need to get down the Public Records Office and check the whole thing out. (This is probably never going to happen, in all likelihood.) Anyway, even if there's no family connection, this music is amazing. Jazzy big band with hilarious lyrics.


  1. Oliver James Scott19 August 2009 at 12:22

    I love the story. And Great Uncle Harry's music is pretty good too.

    More - alas, much more - of that kind of thing can be heard on the compilation 'Listen to the Banned', here:

    I can especially recommend 'She Was Only A Postman's Daughter' - "but she knew how to handle a male..."

  2. why am i not surprised that you come from jazzy stock?

  3. Any relation to Maureen?

    I was intrigued when you mentioned a while ago about you surname change, what is the story there?

  4. haha. my younger brother once said he didn't like one of my boyfriends because, 'he didn't have a jazzy ear'.

  5. Liz - no, I don't think so, but my parents used to know her parents in Hull.

    My father changed all of our names by deedpoll to my mother's maiden name because my older brother got a bit of abuse about being Jewish at school.

  6. Love the blog - keep it going. The more I look at the pictures of Harry Roy the more I think he looks like the Lipman family.