Monday, 24 August 2009

English men dressed in white throw balls and win some ashes.

Another reason why London is the best city in the world: you can go and watch England win the Ashes, surrounded by people wearing coronation crowns, knotted handkerchiefs, digging into Anya Hindmarch picnic hampers and getting drunk in the sun.* You have nowhere to go other than the bar and nothing to do but sit and watch the game unfold whilst listening to Aggers twitter away on Test Match Special. And it's legally required that you jeer at Australians.

Well done England!

*I'm on day eight of my two week drinking hiatus. Having got through two boozy days at the cricket without giving in, I'm feeling pretty, pretty good. Although I'm eating chocolate to reward myself, so I'm not losing any weight. And the chocolate is giving me spots. Oh well.


  1. Slighty more classy than Headingley.What a match and how lucky were you to be there. Hard act to follow.

  2. What wonderful fun! Of course, being Irish, I am legally prohibited from comprehending cricket (we have the far more lethal GAA to entertain us), but OH MY I love that picnic basket!

  3. and what a day it was!! - you didnt mention that you did two days on the trott (pardon the pun) without drinking. amazing weekend

  4. tsk great cricket aside was that your Hindmarch hamper and what was in it?

  5. Picnic basket: not mine, it belonged to a lady on the end of a row near me. She looked amazing, dressed kind've like a twelve year old school boy but with white tights on. I wanted to take a picture of her too, but I need to print up cards to say 'it's for my blog!', so that people don't think I'm a weirdo.

    There is one up for sale on eBay now, Sarah...sorry to tempt!

    Picnic contents: day one - flatbreads, spanish tortilla, mozzarella and basil salad, chocolate and almond cake. On day two I thought I'd go a bit more tea-time. I bought some spam to make sandwiches but that didn't go down well with the committee (James) so I just made BLTs and bought some Mr Kiplings and Babybels (they look like cricket balls, sort of).

  6. I didn't bother drinking too much either, Cazza. Erm ...

    My snackbox consisted of a packet of pretzels. Mmmmm, saaaaalt.

  7. Haha, I left sharpish after the presentations Matt, so sorry we didn't get to catch up. It was fun seeing you in a diminished state whilst being stone cold sober mesen.

    Appalling lack of attention to detail on the picnic front there, though.

    James was substantially worse for wear when he got home.

  8. Kudos to you for not being blotto. I find myself that cricket needs lots of lubrication to make it bearable... Mind, I'm not strictly English, so perhaps I'm missing the point altogether (although I'm all for making fun of the Aussies).

    This is 2B2B here, incidentally; found your blog via Passementerie and liking what I'm reading.

  9. 2B2B! Aw, millions of kisses for complimenting the blog. I know you are a lady of high standards, so that made me jump around my flat. (I seriously did jump on and off a sofa.)

    Where are you, anyway? If you know what I mean. xx