Thursday, 13 August 2009

Chair's a place I like to go...

I need to makeover my garden. We have a seating space roughly 10 metres by 3 metres which is crying out for some all weather garden furniture, so we can go and plop out there with our tea and papers.

I'd love some Adirondack chairs: traditional American chairs for relaxing with a beer on the porch, that are made entirely out of one piece of wood, and can be painted any colour.

However they probably wouldn't last so well left outside in English weather.

So, maybe something cast iron? Maybe an old sewing machine table with a slab of marble as a top?

I also want some of these multicoloured bulbs, just for the sake of it.


  1. Nice one Cazza, loving the blog - did O tell you we missed one of these chairs on Goldbonre Rd recently? £40 stylish squid, gutted....will find you one! xx

  2. Tammo! Thank you! It's crap really but I'm having fun. (Like a special kid.)

    He didn't mention that! They're lovely, aren't they? I don't really have a budget at the mo but would love some so if you discover some.. Would also love a table for t'garden that I could leave out too, cast iron, so if you see anything on your travs...

    Need to come over and browse the antiques shops w/ you soon!