Saturday, 29 August 2009

Almonds, volcanoes and soap.

Despite being actually quite eager to step into autumn, I'm having to stave off the urge to start wrapping up and baking because today I'm heading to Sicily for a week.

A stop on Upper Street yesterday to see if I could sweep up any summer sales bargains for my trip revealed that the shops are full of the new season's clothes. I tried not to look too closely. I can't mentally prepare for autumn until I'm back from my jollies!

I did get a couple of bargains though. Noa Noa has 70% off, so some silk camisoles the colour of sugared almonds, and a long black dress from Oliver Bonas – who are also having a clearance sale – to see if I can pull off this long dress thing, being a midget and all.

Anyway, when I'm not climbing volcanoes and drinking icy almond drinks I'm going to be emptying out Sicily's apothecaries. And then when I get home we can get on with the business of enjoying the autumn. Can't wait!

[Top of my list is some Borsari Violetta di Parma perfume. This kicks out an old lady violet stink. But in a really nice way. And the packaging is so lovely. I'd also quite like some pomegranate soap from Farmacia di Santa Maria Novelli. Again, beautiful packaging. And Ortigia products are next level. Oh dear. Think I need to pack an extra bag to bring this stuff home.]

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  1. Obviously I am wishing you both a magnificent time. As for the posh soaps - I think I have seen similar at TK Maxx - well in their early days possibly. Am sure the frock will look lovely and just right for Sicily.xx