Monday, 20 July 2009

Thinkin' of an inkin'

I've never really been into tattoos. In fact, I've always really disliked them. Like, do these people not think about what they'll look like in years to come? They're going to regret that celtic, runic, barbed wire thingy. Anyway, in an extremely rare foray into junk TV watching - necessitated by my wisdom tooth surgery, see last post - I happened upon a show called LA Ink. It's a show about a rock chick tattoo artist called Kat Von D, who opens up her own tattoo parlour. She's really foxy and the tattoo work she does looks amazing. Lots of people come in for tattoos as a memorial to someone they've lost, or to remember an event or turning point in their life, which makes some sense. She did an amazing design on a young girl's calf and it reminded me of this picture I love from The Sartorialist. I think it looks gorgeous. And I quite like my calves. But I can't possibly want a tattoo...can I?

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