Monday, 11 August 2008

Tabio is fab(io)

I have a cold tonight, so to cheer myself up I have dressed in a manner that would not be inaccurately described as 'flashdance'. So, grey jersey, sweatshirt, hair scraped into a bun and, to cherry the cake, a pair of legwarmers.

My fabulous mother - whose Christmas present buying ingenuity knows no bounds and once included a candyfloss maker - bought me two pairs of stripey legwarmers from Tabio last year. I'd never heard of them, but Ma tells me they're a super hip Japanese shop in Covent Garden that sell all kinds of hosiery and footwear. Well, their legwarmers are certainly cheering me up. And so is their sale - I just had a sneaky peek at their website. I think I need these lace trimmed leggings. And if I were a few years younger I think I'd be rocking these lacy toe protectors with my flip flops, too.

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